In today’s world, where environmental protection and air quality are becoming increasingly important, it is crucial for companies to ensure that their industrial plants comply with current environmental regulations. One important regulation in Germany is the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control, also known as TA Luft. In 2021, there were updates to this regulation that impact requirements for gate valves and globe valves.

In this blog post, you will learn more about why it is important for valves to have an up-to-date TA Luft certificate, which industries are affected, and what transition periods apply.

Why is the TA Luft certificate important?

TA Luft is a regulation in Germany that sets emission limits for industrial plants to reduce air pollution and improve air quality – this is particularly important for hazardous and environmentally harmful substances. Compliance with the emission limits set out in TA Luft 2021 is mandatory for operators of industrial plants and is subject to strict regulations. Gate valves and globe valves are crucial components in many industrial processes and can prevent potentially harmful emissions if they function properly.

What are the deadlines and which industries are affected?

In 2021, the TA Luft certificate has become more important as requirements for the environmental compatibility of industrial plants have been tightened. In particular, gate valves and globe valves in applications in the chemical, petrochemical, tank storage, and some applications in sewage treatment plants must have such a certificate to comply with the requirements of TA Luft. For these plants, there is a transition period until 12/2025. If a replacement is necessary in the meantime, the replacement valve must already be certified according to TA Luft. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us.

Benefits of gate valves and globe valves with TA Luft certificate:

1. Emission reduction:

Gate valves and globe valves with TA Luft certificate are specially designed and tested to minimize emissions. This contributes to reducing environmental impact and improving air quality.

2. Legal compliance:

The TA Luft certificate is a prerequisite for the legal compliance of gate valves and globe valves according to the current TA-Luft requirements. By using certified products, operators of industrial plants can ensure that they comply with legal requirements and do not risk any legal consequences.

3. Quality assurance:

Gate valves and globe valves with TA Luft certificate undergo rigorous testing and meet high quality standards. This ensures a reliable and safe functioning of the valves, which contributes to the efficient and trouble-free operation of industrial plants.

By using gate valves and globe valves with TA Luft certificate, operators of industrial plants demonstrate their responsibility for the environment and their commitment to environmental protection.

All DIN and ANSI gate valves and globe valves up to PN40 / class300 from Fromme Armaturen are certified according to TA Luft 2021 and meet the strict emission requirements.

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